Monday, March 1, 2010

30th Birthday Party Cupcakes & Homemade Cupcake Stand

This past weekend we held a 30th Birthday Party for my friend Bekka. I had a great time making the cupcakes. The 30's and B's on top are made from Candy Melts. I melted them in a plastic ziploc baggie and then piped the letters and numbers onto wax paper. I think they turned out really cute. We also made our own cupcake stand by stacking different sized boxes and then wrapping them with silver wrapping paper and ribbon.
We had a Hollywood theme complete with a red carpet and Hollywood Walk of Fame. Bekka loves the Twilight Series, so our friend Kristy made sure that Edward was at the party too!
What a fun night!


  1. You are so clever! I love your homemade cupcake stand!

  2. Very cute cupcakes!!! I love the idea of making the numbers out of candy melts! (can work for kids' bdays too!) I think it's so fun to write in chocolate/white chocolate and peel away the design. That sounds like such a fun bday party; I'm sure she loved it!

  3. Great job! The stand came out perfect. Can't wait to see what you come up with for your husbands B~day! My husband still plays flag too!!! He coaches our boys for flag as well. I guess it's just in their blood;o)


  4. i am loving the "30" candy melts - I will have to try that

  5. They are adorable, I love the colors, the cupcake stand is a wonderful idea!

  6. those cupcakes are so cute!!

    love your site, and especially your username :)

    so fab.

  7. Man, I want you to throw a party for me! that looks like a ball.

  8. Darling - I love it. Very cute!

    Thanks for linking it up to my party!!!


  9. Such cute ideas for your party. Can your friend do a Johnny Depp for me? When I looked at the photo I said who is that lovely girl in the picture. Took me a second to see Edward was paper. Funny.

  10. Very VERY cute! You did a marvelous job on both the cupcakes and the cupcake stand. My birthday is coming up soon.....hint, hint! :)

  11. Cute stand and a great way to make birthday cupcakes extra special.



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