Sunday, July 26, 2009

Watermelon Cupcakes

We were invited to a get together after the championship summer league swim meet yesterday, which by the way, our Madison took 2nd place in the 50 meter Backstroke - woo hoo Mads!
We are so proud of you! Anyway, back to the party....I had found these adorable gummy watermelons last weekend, so I thought I would make watermelon cupcakes. I used a box strawberry cake mix for the pink fruit of the watermelon since I have never seen watermelon cake mix. Maybe Betty Crocker should consider this......what do you think Betty???
Then I made homemade buttercream frosting, tinting it green for the rind. I topped them off with the cute gummy watermelons. The gummy's taste really like watermelon, which was nice since the cupcakes obviously did not. I thought they turned out cute and are a nice touch for a summer picnic.

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