Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Parent's Farm

I stopped by my parent's farm on Sunday afternoon for a little visit, but they surprised me by not being at home. I decided to just hang out a little and enjoy the sights and smells of the country. My mom has been canning a lot lately, guess she is a little behind on her tomatoes. I just couldn't resist taking this photo! Of course I couldn't help taking a couple of these delicious, red beauties either - think she'll miss a couple?

My mom has such pretty gardens. I definitely did not inherit her green thumb. She even comes over to my house and plants my flowers for me - what a great mom she is! She doesn't even mind if I help my self to a little bouquet when I come over. These zinnia's will look so pretty on my kitchen table. Now that I have shown you where I get my garden veggies and flowers, I guess I'll go on back home now. Thanks for visiting with me! I'll post a new recipe soon.


  1. Those zinnias are beautiful!

  2. Sure keep taunting me....Ha, I don't like tomatoes so I was totally okay with post. :) Very lucky but looks you know it!

  3. Green thumb?? HA! I think I actually have a BLACK thumb!!!! I kill everything

  4. Beautiful flowers. Enjoyed my first visit.

  5. How great that your parents have a farm!
    I would be there every week, stocking up!


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