Sunday, July 15, 2012

DIY Sonic Chocolate Cream Diet Coke

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Whenever I am traveling and I see a Sonic Drive-In you can bet that I am making a quick pit stop for one of my favorite Sonic drinks!  We don't have a Sonic in our town, so it always makes me soooo happy when I am driving down the road and I spot one :)

My fave is the Diet Lime Limeade.
So, so good.

I found a DIY Sonic Chocolate Cream Diet Coke on Pinterest, and I just had to make one because Sonic drinks rock and I love, love, love Diet Coke.

Chocolate Cream Diet Coke taste like a Coke ice cream float but without the guilt :)
Want to make one with me?

Here's what you need.
Diet Coke, chocolate syrup and heavy cream or half and half.
Plus a cute mason jar and some crushed ice.
Oh and a tiny little whisk :)

Add your crushed ice and Diet Coke to your mason jar.
Measure 1 tablespoon of cream or half and half and 1/2 teaspoon of chocolate syrup.

Now take the cute little whisk and whisk it around your glass until everything is combined.

Now sit back and enjoy the Chocolate Cream Diet Coke that you made all by yourself.

Sorry Sonic.
I still love you and will brake when I see you :)

Recipe found at The Reed Life.

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