Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Foodie Goals for 2013

Since beginning this blog I have become much more adventurous in the kitchen.
Five years ago I would have never considered grinding wheat berries for baking or making kale chips to snack on.
I had never heard of chia seeds, quinoa or agave nector.
And the idea of a green smoothie would have made me barf.

I have learned SO much from the blogging community.
You have helped me grow as a person and become a much better Suzy Homemaker than I could have ever imagined :)

I always enjoy trying new recipes and developing some of my own.
I have hundreds of recipes that I want to try, but I thought if I write down a few of my foodie goals it will help me stay focused.
So here are five of my foodie goals for 2013 and if you have suggestions on how I can accomplish these goals or recipes for me to try I would LOVE to hear about them.  Just leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

My 2013 Foodie Goals:

Learn how to make Macarons. 
I have never even tasted a macaron EVER, but they are so pretty and very popular right now.
I just feel like I need to make some.


I have owned a madeline pan for about 5 years and never used it.
This is the year I will dig it out of the cabinet and make these buttery treats.


Learn how to decorate pretty sugar cookies.
Sugar cookies have always intimidated me. 
I'm not sure why.
2013 is the year I will conquer my sugar cookie fear.
These are from Bake at 350 and I LOVE them!

Find a simple homemade tomato/marinara sauce that I love.
I prefer to make my own tomato sauce but have not found the perfect recipe for me yet.
Please share yours if you have a recipe that you love.

Find a go-to recipe for whole wheat pizza dough that is quick and easy.
Pizza is one of my faves, but I want to try to keep it as healthy as I can.
I need a good dough recipe.
Fast :)


Do you have any foodie goals for the year?
I would love to hear yours too!


  1. I am new to your blog, but so love it...I decided the first of the year that I would take the time to make one fabulous cake a month. i'd also love to learn to make tamales

    1. Thanks for the nice comments Debbie. Love the cake a month idea!

  2. OMG, are you in my head? Everything you posted are things I have wanted to do/learn plus I'm adding to this list to master my grandmothers cinnamon rolls.

    1. Us foodies must think alike :) I totally forgot about cinnamon rolls! I need to work on them too :)

  3. You have to try out wildtree's whole wheat pizza dough!! I will bring you a sample mix. It is so yummy and a price that is hard to beat at $6 for two mixes. I know you prefer scratch but it is all natural and gmo free. :)

  4. Thanks Kim - I would love to try Wildtree!


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