Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mason Jar Love

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Oh mason jars how I love thee.
Your cuteness and endless possibilities are beyond compare.

When I discovered that Ball was celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the perfect mason jar
 by bringing back the vintage blue jars, I was in heaven.

I was also on a mission to find them as soon as I could.
I get obsessed like that :)

  After a few phone calls, the manager of one of my local hardware stores told me he was getting them
in the store in a couple of days and he would be happy to hold some for me. 
He called me two days later.
What service!

(The store is Randy's Do It Best Hardware in Bridgewater and Timberville for you local peeps.
If you stop by tell them Me and My Pink Mixer sent ya)

I love to drink out of mason jars.
My morning glass of citrus water looks especially refreshing in my new jar!

Want to see more mason jar awesomeness?!?
How about this pantry!


Make yummy treats like these Chocolate Eclairs in a Jar.

I love this simple flower arrangement!

Planning a wedding?
Use mason jars, chalkboard labels and flowers to number the tables.

Feeling crafy?
Make a soap dispenser from a jar.

Or a toothbrush holder.

Hang them from sheperd hooks for a festive look.

Let guests drink from pint size jars at your next party or celebration.
You'll be the talk of the neighborhood and everyone
will think you are the coolest party planner ever!

Now aren't you as excited as I am about these amazing jars!
Go get you some!
Happy Tuesday :)


  1. I love your blog. Did you know the Robertson's from Duck Dynasty drink out of Mason jars. I have several of the old Blue Mason jars with the metal list that were my grandmothers. I have them displayed on a window seal.
    Kristin Payne

  2. love, love mason jars and all their great ways to use!

    Come on over and enter my giveaway!

  3. I love mason jars too. Check out my blog (obsession). www.masonjarlove.com


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