Monday, September 9, 2013

Mug Swap!

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Last year I noticed several blog talking about something called a Mug Swap that was hosted
by A Cuppa Kim.
I remember thinking what a great idea!
I love mugs.
I love making new friends.
Sign me up!
Well I waited all year long and then last month I finally saw Kim's post about signing up for Mug Swap 2013.

Mug Swap!
I was on it right away!
Basically what happens is that Kim assigns someone your name and you get someone else.
You make TWO new blog friends!
I was given Ally's name from Sweet Like Honey.
It was so fun stalking her blog to find out more about her and what she likes.
I sent Ally an Anthropologie mug, watermelon gummy bears, a cupcake dish towel, my favorite Burt's Bee's Lip Shimmer, paper straws and a little something extra for her little girl.
I had a blast putting it all together!
It felt like Christmas waiting for my mug swap to arrive!
My fun package was from Robyn at The Farmer's Nest.
Robyn sent me an adorable mug, cupcake liners, paper straws and HOMEMADE peach jam
and homemade cookies!
What a sweetheart!
Mug Swap 2013 was SO fun!
Here are some of the stats that Kim provided:
Total Participants: 877
American Participants: 829
Canadian Participants: 20
International Participants: 28
Countries Represented: US, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Germany, Spain, France, Slovakia, and Turkey
States Represented: 50
Coffee Drinkers: 583
Tea Drinkers: 177
Hot Chocolate Drinkers: 108
1st Time Mug Swappers: 754
2nd Time Mug Swappers: 104
3rd Time Mug Swappers: 17
Instagrams with the #mugswap2013: 1608
Thanks Kim for putting this all together!
Can't wait until next year! 

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  1. The homemade goodies!?! Omg amazing!!
    And a tub of just watermelon gummy bears!? Yum!!!

    You guys made both your packages so fun!!!


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