Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Faves of 2013

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Goodbye 2013.
You were a good year filled with sweet treats, great vacations and fun times with family and friends.

Today I'm taking a look back at my favorite recipes of the year. 
I hope you liked them too :)

Thank you for stopping by this little blog of mine. 
If this is your first visit, I hope you'll come back.

Happy New Year sweet readers!  I hope it's a safe, happy and healthy one!
Here's to a sweet 2014!

Birthday Cake Oreo Cupcakes

Candy Bracelet Cupcakes

Cake in a Jar

I can't decide what kind of brownies to make Brownies :)

JMU Game Day M&M Cookies

Party Hat Cupcake Toppers

Bachelorette Party Cupcakes

Rolo Cupcakes

Hot Chocolate Mix Ornaments

Happy New Year!!

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