Monday, October 10, 2016

How Do Tieks Ballet Flats Hold Up Over Time?

Tieks Ballet Flats

After writing the post "Are Tieks Worth The Price?" last spring, I received so many
comments, questions and emails about my favorite ballet flats.  I was happy to answer
as many questions as I could, as I had many myself before I ordered my first pair.

I'll be the first to admit, Tieks are expensive, but to me they are worth it.  I'm not one
to buy a lot of shoes.  I find a few good pair that are stylish and comfortable and I'm
good.  Quality over quantity for me!

This month marks one year since I have been wearing Tieks ballet flats, so I thought
some of you might be interested to hear what I think about them one year later and
how they hold up over time.

Tieks Ballet Flats

Pictured here are my very first pair of Tieks ballet flats.  I agonized over what color to
order forever, but in the end fuchsia pink won, because pink is my favorite color and I
thought they would add a pop of fun to my wardrobe that consists mainly of grey and

I have worn these ballet flats for a year now and they still look almost as good as the
day I received them.  The heel on the right side shows a black scuff mark and the
bottom of the shoes are a little dirty, but that is to be expected.  I never wear socks
with my Tieks and the insides of the shoes have stayed pretty clean.  If they do get
dirty, I wipe them down with a damp cloth and let them air dry. As far as smell goes,
I haven't noticed any bad odor at all. They are still just as comfortable as ever, maybe
even more so since now they are nice and worn in!

Tieks Ballet Flats

Lilac was the second pair of Tieks that I ordered and they still look good as well.  My
lilac Tieks have been worn the most out of the 3 pair of Tieks that I own.  My daughter
and I wear the same size shoe and she has borrowed my lilac pair many times!  Her
college colors are purple and gold and this pair of Tieks matches her JMU apparel.
She has worn them to many college functions and they survived!

Tieks Ballet Flats

My latest pair of Tieks are feather grey and I worry most about this pair since they are
so light colored, but so far no marks or scuffs! I love that feather grey is neutral and goes
with so many of my outfits. They are perfect with dresses or skirts and work just as well
with dress pants and jeans.  I will be wearing them a lot this fall!

Tieks Ballet Flats Feather Grey

Tieks packaging and customer service can't be beat!  Each pair is packaged in a pretty
blue box with a sweet little handwritten note and pretty silk flower.
Happy mail at it's best!

Tieks Ballet Flats Feather Grey

I'm on my feet a lot during the work day and Tieks ballet flats have been a lifesaver.
They are also the best shoes for traveling!  I can pack all three pair and they barely
take up any room in my suitcase.  I've worn them to Disney World and many other
trips and they are comfortable all day and night!

So for the past year my Tieks have seen a lot of wear and they still look almost as
good as they did when I got them.  They are still the most comfortable shoes that I
own and I am still a huge fan!

Tieks Ballet Flats

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  1. Do they have any arch support

    1. I think they do! They definitely have more arch support than any other flats that I have tried. You can contact customer support on the Tieks website for more information. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I was thinking about the Fusjcia pink as well. I have knee problems and thought these might be beneficial. Howeber they are out of my size. Id love to have the Pop Pink as a second choice but Ive heard the patents may not be as comfortable. Do you have any thoughts?

    1. Hi Tammy! I don't have any patent Tieks so I can't comment on them. My first pair of Tieks were fuchsia and they are my favorite - such a fun color!

  3. I bought two pair, and the wear has been INSIDE, above my big toe. I'm thinking about putting some moleskin in there to keep my toenail from catching on the worn spot -- the rest of the shoe looks brand new!

    1. Hi Susan! I've heard about using moleskin, but haven't tried it yet. Let me know if it works! Thanks for stopping by!


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