Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Why I Use Essential Oils

I've been using essential oils for several years to make my own sugar scrubsink scrub
and homemade household cleaners, so this isn't anything new for me.
One of my first blog posts, way back in 2011, was for a homemade carpet deodorizer
using baking soda and essential oil.

I first made the decision to implement essential oils into our home to reduce the use
of harmful chemicals and toxins found in a lot of household cleaners, but after learning
more about the benefits of diffusing essential oils, I now diffuse oils daily in our family
room, kitchen area, our bedroom and my office at work. Peppermint, lavender, Thieves
and grapefruit are a few of my favorites! Lavender helps me feel so relaxed and I sleep
so well when I diffuse this at night.

I also make my own room spray, linen spray, rollers and face serum, all of which I
will share soon!

I've used many brands of essential oils over the years, but I most recently switched to
Young Living essential oils because of their seed to seal promise, which means nothing
is added or altered from the time the seed has been planted to the time the bottle has
been sealed, and I love them!!

I signed up as a wholesale member (member # 14050318) so that I could get the
Premium Starter Kit and 24% off discount on retail prices.
You also get the support of an amazing team if you have any questions!
Signing up as wholesale member does not require you to sell anything!
Unless you want to - then go for it!

The Premium Starter Kit includes a diffuser (I recommend the Dew Drop), all of
the oils you see below, plus two sample packs of Ningxia Red (2 ounce), sample oil bottles.
10 sample packets, Essential Oil magazine and member resources.
You'll get over $300 worth of product for only $160!

To enroll with our team ORDER HERE and make sure the member number 14050318
appears in both the "Enroller and Sponsor ID"fields.
Remember if you sign up as a member you do not have to sell anything!!
You can just enjoy the products yourself!

I'll be sharing more ways that I use Young Living essential oils here on the blog
and on my Instagram - so make sure you're following along!

Happy oiling!

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