Monday, July 8, 2019

Wedding Cookie Table

I am so excited to share this post with you all. Many of you have probably already noticed
a few of these photos posted on my Instagram, but they are just so beautiful and I love
them so much that I think they deserve their own blog post.  All of the photos in this
post are by Lauren Morris Photography. Lauren did a fabulous job capturing this special
day and we will treasure these photos forever!

On June 15th our daughter Madison married her sweetheart Justin and it was the best day!
The ceremony and reception were held at Red August Farm, a stunning venue located in
Waynesboro, Virginia and the weekend could not have been any more perfect.  I plan to
share more photo's from the actual wedding soon, but today I want to share the wedding
cookie table with you.

When Madison and I started planning her wedding we knew from the very beginning that
a cookie table was definitely going to happen. The cookie table is a Pittsburgh wedding

We don't live in Pittsburgh obviously, but my husband is from Gibsonia, PA and
we have attended many Pittsburgh area weddings and there is always a cookie table!
We love the idea and knew that we wanted to incorporate a cookie table into Madison
and Justin's wedding reception.

I started planning months in advance - collecting recipes, vintage dessert plates, cake stands
and baking supplies. I made a spreadsheet listing the types of cookies I planned to bake - some
were family favorites and other's were new recipes that I had never made before.  After a
lot of cookie research, I found that most cookies freeze really well for up to 3 months, so I
marked my calendar to begin baking mid March. Once I had baked a specific cookie, I
updated my spreadsheet with the date I baked the cookies, the quantity and any notes.
I stored the cookies in Ziploc freezer bags adding parchment paper between the layers to
keep them from sticking together. Lucky for me my Dad has a huge freezer, so on Sunday's
when I went to visit, I transported cookies from my small freezer to his. This also worked
well to keep my husband from eating them all! Out of sight, out of mind - right!

I baked 26 different varieties of cookies for a total of approximately 800 cookies,
which was plenty for the 175 guests that we had in attendance. The only cookies I did not
bake were the macarons, which I purchased from Costco because we love them and the
colors were so pretty. Guests were encouraged to take cookies home in cute little "Happily
Ever After" bags I purchased from Hobby Lobby. Small wooden clothes pins were used
to seal the bags for transport and to help keep them fresh.

Guests enjoyed choosing their favorite cookies and placing them on vintage dessert plates
to devour at the reception, as well as filling the bags to take home for later. I noticed a
line for the cookie table several times, so I think that it was a success and a fun addition to
the celebration.

The wedding cookie table was a labor of love and I'm so happy that I was able to make 
it happen for Madison and Justin's wedding. We love them both so much and are excited 
for their future together.

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