Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tieks Ballet Flats at Disney World

Tieks Ballet Flats at Disney World

Disney World is our favorite place ever and we go to the parks every chance we get.
Luckily, my in-laws are members of the Disney Vacation Club and they take us along!

Fun at the parks involves a lot of walking and my daughter and I like to do it in style
wearing our Tieks.  We are huge fans of Tieks ballet flats and we wear them all of the
time. They are the most comfortable shoes that I own!

Madison and I both have wide feet and finding flats that fit us properly was nearly
impossible until we discovered Tieks ballet flats. Tieks are built to mold to your feet
and flex with you as you walk. The bottom of the shoes have thick, non-skid rubber
patches that provide traction and act as shock absorbers, allowing the shoes to be
wearable all day, every day!  The best part is no more rubbing or blisters on our feet
wearing flats!

Before I discovered Tieks I tried many different brands of flats, but by the end of
the day my feet were blistered or sore. Tieks are the only flats that I can wear all
day and night and my feet still feel great!

I realize that the price of a pair of Tieks can make you second guess yourself
before ordering, but to me they are worth every penny in comfort alone! I would
rather own a few pair of shoes that are comfortable and stylish than have a closet
full of inexpensive shoes that I can't or don't wear.

Tieks Ballet Flats at Disney World

Part of the fun of any Disney trip is planning what to wear.  I love wearing Disney
inspired clothing at the parks and matching my outfits with Tieks ballet flats makes it
even more fun! With 58 prints, patents, classics and more, there are Tieks for every
outfit and occasion! I love that they look just as good with my work clothes as they do
with jeans and shorts!

Mustard yellow Tieks match this super cute I love Dole Whip tank perfectly!

Tieks Ballet Flats at Disney World
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Tieks Ballet Flats at Disney World

A crafty friend added a Minnie Mouse pocket to this gray t-shirt, which looks great with
cardinal red Tieks.  I also got crafty and made couple of pairs of mouse ear headbands to
wear on our trip.

We can walk around Disney in our Tieks all day and our feet feel fine. We love how
the shoes fold in half for easy packing too. They are so small that you can carry them
in your purse, which I have done a time or two because I couldn't decide which color
I wanted to wear!

On this trip we stayed at Disney's Saratoga Spring Resorts.  Saratoga Springs is one of
our favorites, but you can't go wrong when you stay on Disney property.  We also love
the Polynesian, Grand Floridian and the Boardwalk!

Tieks Ballet Flats at Disney World

Tieks Ballet Flats at Disney World

Tieks ballet flats are so versatile! They look great with jeans, leggings, shorts, dresses
and skirts! I bet Cinderella wishes she had a pair too :)

I love that they can go from work to play and still look fabulous with any outfit.
Tieks hold up really well too. I bought my first pair over a year ago and they still
look and feel great. If they get dirty, just wipe them clean with a damp cloth and
you're good to go! The color selection is amazing - so many choices! Silver Lake
Tieks are next on my wish list. I would own every color if I could!

Tieks customer service is the best! Each pair of Tieks arrive in the prettiest little
blue box with a thoughtful, handwritten note from the Tieks team. Shipping is
super fast too!

Tieks Ballet Flats at Disney World

Tieks Ballet Flats at Disney World

We love eating our way around Disney almost as much as the rides and entertainment!
It's always fun to discover new treats. We found the strawberry macaron ice cream
sandwiches in France at Epcot and they were delicious!

Tieks Ballet Flats at Disney World

Tieks Ballet Flats at Disney World

Tieks Ballet Flats at Disney World

As you can see from all of the photos, Madison and I love our Tieks ballet flats.
Tieks are the perfect shoes to wear anywhere, but Disney World is the place we love
to wear them most of all! It's our happy place!

If you're on the fence about ordering your first pair of Tieks read this post.
If you're wondering how Tieks hold up over time, read this.

Tieks Ballet Flats at Disney World



  1. So... I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Tieks sponsored this post. Just a guess though. If they did you need to mention it somewhere.

    1. I was not paid to write this post, but thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love my tieks! I have the black pair, but currently trying to figure out which color I want next! I was sold on fuchsia, but your red and yellow pairs look SO cute! Now I think I'm between fuchsia and yellow lol.

    1. Aren't they they best flats ever Carley! My fuchsia pair was my first pair of Tieks and also my favorite - I wear them all the time! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I love my Teiks too! But, I'm saying this from personal experience, wearing them to Disney when it's the hotter months is not a good idea! They are fine in the winter, but Teiks are leather and leather and sweat don't mix. Your feet will be blistering and in a lot of pain from rubbing all day if you wear them during the hot summer months, I learned this the hard way when I wore mine at Disney in September! They were great in December though! Also, it is well known in Florida to get caught in sudden rain storms. It should be noted that Teiks shrink a bit when they get wet, so not the best shoe in a rain storm either.

    1. Hi Tracy! Thanks for the advice. The temperatures have only been in the 80's when I've worn them at Disney, so I haven't experienced wearing them in temperatures above 85. Enjoy your Tieks!

  4. Thanks for the comments about summer. I was wondering if I could wear Tieks comfortably in the summer at Disney World. I will hold out on wearing my Teiks until the cooler weather sets in again. Love the pics in your blog!