Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Canning Jar Pin Cushion

I love to make crafts that I can complete quickly, but I never seem to have the time since I spend most of my evenings running Madison around to all of her activities. Last night was one of those rare evenings that I did have some time since it was raining and we had gone out to dinner (Madison talked us into it by explaining that we all needed to celebrate her passing her Science and Algebra SOL tests - sneaky teenagers!). Anyway....since I didn't have dishes to clean up, I had some time to work in my office/craft room. I have piles of projects and recipes I want to try, so I remembered this quick canning jar pin cushion craft I had printed out. I found the instructions here. Since I had already purchased the Ball canning jars (Elite Collection) at Wal-mart a couple weeks ago, I had everything I needed. They are very easy to make, so I made one for me and one for my friend Bekka. We both have the Sears pink sewing machine, so I think the pin cushion coordinates nicely don't you think? I like it because you can use the bottom of the jar to store other sewing supplies like buttons or a measuring tape too.

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