Friday, October 5, 2012

The Best Margaritas Ever

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I don't make margaritas often, but everytime I do I get asked for the recipe.
So here it is girls :) 

The Best Margaritas Ever

1 can frozen Limeade
triple sec
1 bottle of beer
(I use Bluemoon or Coors Light)

Put the frozen limeade into a pitcher.
Fill the empty limeade can 2/3 full of tequila and add it to the pitcher.
Fill the empty can 1/3 full of triple sec and add that.
Now fill the can with water, add it and stir.
Pour 1 Blue Moon beer into the pitcher and stir again.
Pour into glasses with crushed ice and serve.
The end.

Recipe from Meg at Whatever

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  1. Me and margaritas dont mix. Last time I drank them I was puking for 18 hours. Sigh


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