Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Quick and Easy Hostess Gift

I found the cutest dish towels at Walmart this year.  Walmart has really upped their game lately,
first with the Pioneer Woman line of dishes and bakeware and now this cuteness.

DIY Painted Spoons Hostess Gift

I don't know about you, but I like to have a few extra gifts in my holiday stash just in case
we are invited somewhere at the last minute.  I think these dish towels and painted spoons
make an adorable hostess gift!  You could also leave one in your mailbox for your mail carrier
or have one or two on hand if you need just a little something extra to go with another gift.

Painting the spoons is super easy.  I used painter's tape, foam brushes and craft paint.
I purchased the spoons from Walmart too.  You can buy the large ones individually or
the smaller spoons come in a 3-pack.  After the paint has dried give them a quick spray
with clear acrylic seal to protect the paint from chipping. Only spray the handle, not the
spoon itself.

DIY Painted Spoons Hostess Gift

Aren't they cute!

DIY Painted Spoons Hostess Gift

You could also include a tin full of party mix to go along with the towel and spoon.
I think I'll whip up a batch.

Happy gifting!

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