Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Why I love our Berkey Water Filter System

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A few weeks ago our new neighbors invited us over for drinks and appetizers as a way to
formally introduce themselves and for us to meet a few other new couples close by.
We had the best time talking, eating, drinking and sharing stories.  It's so refreshing to have
neighbors that want to get to know us and who enjoy doing things together from time to time.

At the end of the evening we toured their home and sitting on their kitchen counter in all
it's glory was a Big Berkey water filter system. I'll admit I was a bit jealous.
I had heard such great things about the Berkey water filter system and one was definitely
on my wish list!

Lucky for us, a few weeks later I was given the opportunity to try a Berkey system for review.

I decided on the Travel Berkey, which is the perfect size for empty nesters like us.
The Travel Berkey is recommended for individuals, couples, small families (including fur
children) and those who have limited counter space or want to take their Berkey on the road.
It holds around 1.5 gallons of water, which works fine for us.

I often worry about the safety of our drinking water, especially when we are traveling to
unfamiliar places. Depending upon where you live your drinking water may contain many
contaminants or additives such as fluoride, ammonia or chlorine. The Berkey Water Filter
Sytem uses several different scientific methods to produce unmatched drinking water
quality.  According to the Berkey website, Berkey systems filter out over 99.99% chlorine,
bacteria and viruses, lead, VOCs, THM's, lindane, benzene and atrizine. Honestly, I'm
not sure what some of that is, but I do know that I want our drinking water to be as pure
as possible and I trust Berkey.

Before using a Berkey we relied upon the water filter system on our refrigerator and
bottled water. The system in our fridge has to be replaced so often and it's a pain to deal
with.  The Berkey System comes with two filters with a life span of around 6,000 gallons
of water! The filters shouldn't need to be replaced for a minimum of four years!
Now that's that's what I'm talking about!

Needless to say buying bottled water gets expensive, not to mention how bad all of that
plastic is for the environment. Using a Berkey makes me feel better and the water really
tastes so much better too!  We've had fun giving some of our friends blind taste tests using
bottled water, tap water and Berkey water and the Berkey water wins as best tasting every

I've definitely noticed that we are drinking more water now that we own a Berkey, which
makes me feel better since drinking plenty of water is vital for our health.  I love that the
Travel Berkey is so easy to use and to take with us on the road. It's light weight and portable
when empty. I wrap each section with a towel and carry it around in a square clothes basket
until we set it up at the campsite or hotel.  It's definitely a topic of conversation. We took the
Travel Berkey on our camping trip last weekend and everyone wanted to know that that
big silver thing was on the picnic table :)

After using our Berkey for several weeks, here are a few of our Pros and Cons:


     o It eliminates 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria and 99.999% of viruses in our water
     o It's easy to install
     o It's easy to use
     o It's easy to refill
     o It has reduced our use of plastic water bottles
     o We're drinking more water on a daily basis
     o It's pretty!


     o It's tall and takes up counter space
     o The initial cost is pretty high, but the long filter life makes it worth it
     o The water comes out at room temperature instead of cold like the refrigerator filter

The pros definitely outweigh the cons for our family!

 Even our pups love drinking water from the Berkey!

The Travel Berkey has been a great addition to our home. We are drinking more water
and we feel good about the quality of the water we are using and giving to our pets.

Shop the Berkey that we have here.
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Do you own a Berkey? Do you love it as much as we do?
Let me know in the comment below!

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  1. I have always wanted a Berkey water filter! The expense has always stopped me. I drink a lot of water, and now my husband does too. So, I didn't know which one would be best for us to have. Our water smells like bleach all the time, not good. We buy gallons of water per week, though. Loved your post, very helpful and informative!

  2. I just got me Berkey (thanks to this article), but my TDS readings did not change much? So, for those who experienced this same issue, I found this article that explains why. It apparently does not test much from what this reads.


    So, I thought some might find this helpful.


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