Friday, March 28, 2014

For the love of Pom Poms!

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Those of you who follow me on Instagram (meandmypinkmixer) have probably noticed
that I have a slight obsession with pom poms lately.

I can not stop making them.
For real.
I am whipping out pom poms like there's no tomorrow :)

I'm using a Clover pom pom maker that I purchased at Michael's with a 40% off coupon.
It helps you make perfect pom poms every time.

So far I have made pom pom bookmarks.

A bouquet of pom pom flowers.

And a  pom pom wreath for my front door.

Here are some other pom pom projects that I think are adorable.
You can bet I will be making all of these soon!!

pom pom napkin rings

pom pom party hats

pom pom cake garland

pom pom wedding confetti

pom pom cupcake garland

pom pom gift bows

And last, but not least, a pom pom chair!

Hope you enjoyed my pom pom extraganza!
Got to run.
There are pom poms to make!
Have a great weekend!!

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