Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Healthy Travel Snacks

Did I ever tell you that I was a Girl Scout?
Girl Scouts are the best!
I did the whole scouting thing and was even a Girl Scout leader for 13 years!

I loved wearing that brownie uniform to meetings.  I wasn't too hip on the beanie
though.  Hats were never my thing.

Any who - the Girl Scout motto is Be Prepared and that motto my friends, has stuck
with me through life.  I am a planner.  I do not like to be unprepared.

I travel frequently for work so I thought I would share some of my planning skills
and show you my list of healthy travel snacks and things that I do not leave the
house without.

If I am traveling overnight I always bring my Starbucks travel mug, Emergen C
and my teas.  Sure most hotels have tea, but I prefer my favorites so I toss them
inside my travel mug and I'm set.

Next up are my favorite travel snacks.  You never know when hunger will strike when you're
on the road, so I like to be prepared with my favorite Stonyfield yogurt, LaraBars, fresh fruit,
and granola.  If I'm traveling overnight I bring convenient single serve containers of
Bob's Red Mill Oatmeal - it is the best!  I just heat water in the hotel coffee maker, pour it
into the container and delicious oatmeal is ready in minutes.

I am guilty of drinking a fountain Diet Coke or two while traveling, but I try to balance it
out and drink plenty of water as well.  La Croix's are my favorite flavored waters and they have
so many delicious flavors!  Sabra single serve Hummus and Pretzels are another one of my
go-to snacks.  I love that I can find them in some gas station convenience stores too.
They are so good!!  Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Pretzels is my favorite!

Okay I will admit that I am kind of a germaphobe.  I carry disinfecting wipes and
hand sanitizer in my car always.  There are a lot of nasty germs out there people!

Lastly I always bring some type of reading material with me.  What if I'm stuck in traffic
for hours?  No problem - I can just relax and read a magazine, book or use my phone.

Told you I was a planner :)

By the way, this is not a sponsored post.
I just thought I would share my favorite healthy travel snacks and tips for staying sane
while on the road.

Happy travels my friends :)

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