Tuesday, May 30, 2017

10 Organic Items I Buy Every Week At Walmart

10 Organic Items I Buy Every Week at Walmart

A few years ago my husband and I made the decision to buy organic food as much as
reasonably possible. We made this decision in order to try to lower our exposure to
dangerous pesticides and cancer causing hormones. We concentrate on choosing organic
fruit and vegetables, especially the dirty dozen, yogurt, juice and poultry.

Organic food can be expensive, so it pays to shop wisely. I shop for groceries at several
different stores. I do this because I can't find one store that has every product that we
like and because stores offer weekly savings that make it worth my time to shop around.

Organic food from Walmart

Luckily we have a Super Walmart store less than a mile from our neighborhood. This is
SO convenient, especially when I'm in the middle of recipe testing and am out of a certain
item!  Now that our Walmart has self check-out, I can be in and out in a few minutes and
back home in a flash!

So back to organic food. Walmart has very reasonable prices on many organic products.
They have really improved their produce department and I am now able to find many
more organic fruits and vegetables than ever before! I also love that the Walmart Great
Value lines has many organic products as well!

Here is a list of 10 organic items I buy every week from Walmart:

Organic food from Walmart

1.  Organic Salad Mix - I love the half and half mix of baby spinach and spring mix!
2.  Baby carrots - a lunch box staple and great for dipping in hummus!
3.  Grape tomatoes - the perfect size for salad and roasting.
4.  Organic frozen blueberries - delicious in smoothies and yogurt parfaits.
5.  Stonyfield yogurt - because we love it so much and I use it in so many recipes!

Stonyfield Yogurt

6.  Organic peanut butter - a must for my no-bake energy balls I make every week.
7.  Organic black beans - for taco night, taco pasta salad and more.
8.  Dave's Killer Bread - whole grain bread with protein, fiber and omega-3.
9.  Suja organic juice - so many delicious flavors and good for you too.
10.  Mamma Chia drinks - we love these drinks and Walmart has the best prices in our area.

Next time you're shopping at Walmart, take some time to check out all of the
organic items they now offer. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

And now for an easy, healthy recipe!

I love yogurt parfaits. There are so many flavor combinations that you can make
depending upon what you have on hand and they are good for you!

Todays parfait features Stonyfield whole milk plain yogurt mixed with a little
honey, frozen blueberries and Rainbow Morning O's cereal. Simply layer and
enjoy! Yum!

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait


This post is in partnership with Stonyfield and Walmart. As always, all opinions are
100% my own.

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