Monday, April 16, 2018

Stonyfield YoBaby Yogurt

This post is in partnership with Stonyfield and Once Upon a Farm.
As always, all opinions are my own.

No I'm not pregnant (ha ha) and no I'm going to be a Grandma any time soon, but
I am a good friend who likes to keep snacks on hand for my girlfriends that do have
babies, toddlers and small children. I'm a cool friend like that :)

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you know that we have been huge fans
of Stonyfield for years.  Two years ago I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the
food bloggers to attend the Stonyfield Farm Tour, where I learned so much about organic
farming and the length that Stonyfield goes to in order to provide the best organic
yogurt, free of GMO's, pesticides and artificial hormones.

Stonyfield organic yogurt is delicious on it's own, but we also love it in smoothies,
pancakes, baked goods and even salad dressings!

I try to keep our fridge stocked with Stonyfield YoBaby yogurt so when our friends
with babies stop by the littles can have a treat too. And if they don't stop by for awhile,
then my husband and I have no problem eating yogurt for babies! It has less sugar
than regular yogurt and it's great as a nutritional add in to my morning smoothie!

Stonyfield YoBaby was the first yogurt made especially for babies and it's the number one
pediatrician recommended yogurt for babies and kids 6 months to 2 years.
The consistency is thicker than most baby yogurts, which helps with less mess for moms
while feeding and it's nice for babies and toddlers that are beginning to feed themselves.

Stonyfield uses PLA cups, which means they are made from plants! Plant based packaging
has a lower carbon footprint, making it better for the environment too.

This is Emmy and she's Stonyfield's newest fan.  This was Emmy's first experience trying
yogurt and she was all smiles. Emmy is enjoying YoBaby Banana Mango yogurt with
no added sweeteners, which made her mom happy too. Don't worry Bekka, I'll be giving
her cupcakes and cookies soon enough!

As part of this partnership with Stonyfield, Emmy was also able to try Once Upon a Farm
organicand cold-pressed fruit and veggie blend pouches, bringing farm-to-family
foods to kids of all ages. You won't find any preservatives, concentrates or processed
purees in their products - just fresh, whole ingredients picked in season from their
partner farms. I gave Emmy a few pouches to take home and try later.
I'll let you know her review :)


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