Tuesday, August 21, 2018

What's in my Vitamin Box

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Yes - I am old and need a pill box to organize my vitamins and supplements.
Don't make fun.

Each Sunday I fill it up for the week and I keep it in a tote bag that I carry to work
each day. Once I get to the office I place it on my desk and take one or two vitamins
every few hours. I've never been one who can take all of my vitamins at once, it
upsets my stomach. Spreading them out throughout the day works better for me.

Having a cute pill box helps too :)

Each day I take a low dose baby aspirin to help prevent a heart attack and stroke.
I also take Resveratrol, Co Q-10, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Tumeric.
I recently started taking a daily probiotic because I was having a few stomach issues
and frequently feel bloated. I had heard a lot about probiotics, but still didn't fully
understand what they were and how they might help me feel better, so I did a little

Probiotics are the live bacteria and microorganisms that are actually good for your
overall health. They are especially great for your digestive system. They aid in
digestion, promote regularity, and boost your immune system.

I was given the opportunity to try Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics and was excited to see what
type of results I might see. Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic is an all-natural probiotic and
consist only of carefully harvested natural crops, such as fruits, vegetables, mushroom
and seaweed. These natural crops are fermented for three years with 12 distinctive
probiotic strains that encourage your body's ability to grow it's own friendly bacteria.
Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics are 100% vegetarian, non-GMO and free of artificial additives,
chemicals, preservatives, or colorings.

After adding Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics to my daily vitamin and supplement routine I
can honestly say that I do feel better. I'm not nearly as bloated as I was before beginning
probiotics and I feel like I have more energy during the day. I'm going to continue taking
a daily probiotic and will keep you posted!

What's in your vitamin box? Do you take a daily probiotic?  Let me know in the
comments below!

If you would like to give Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics a try you can purchase them here.

I am not a healthy professional, nor do I claim to be. I'm just sharing what works for me.


  1. Where did you get such a cute pill box! I love it!!

    1. I got it at Kohl's in the accessory department. It's by Lauren Conrad and I love it too!


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