Monday, April 21, 2014

DIY Fabric Twist Ties

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In case you were worried, no this has not turned into a craft blog.
The recipes will be back soon I promise!

Actually this will probably be my last crafty post for awhile since
1) I'm over it
2) I'm not really that crafty. 
I just like making cute stuff every now and then.

Speaking of cute stuff.
Did any of you make DIY tile coasters?
I'm loving mine!

While rummaging through my craft stash for supplies to make the tile coasters I rediscovered my fabric basket.  Why a person who can not sew a straight line buys so much fabric is another story.  But hey, I did find fabric glue and wire and that gave me an idea.

If I cut strips of fabric and glued them together with a piece of thin wire inside,
I would have adorable twist ties, just like you use for a loaf of bread, except prettier, and
much larger of course :)

As usual I did not take step by step photos, but it's easy peasy I promise.
Just cut fabric strips and a piece of wire the same length. 
Apply fabric glue along edge of fabric.
Lay wire on glue and fold fabric over, pressing to seal.
Let them dry and then trim the edges.
You're done!

Now you have cute twist ties to use when gifting treats to friends and neighbors.
I added a pom pom to this package of tile coasters for extra cuteness :)

I hope you have enjoyed my mini craft series.
Now it's time for me to get back to showing my pink mixer some love!

Have a great week my sweet friends!


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