Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DIY Tile Coasters

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I've been in a crafty mood lately.
You may have noticed this with all of my pom pom madness!

I enjoy making crafts on occasion if they are easy to complete and if I think I will actually use them.  While rummaging through my craft supply stash I found some white ceramic tiles that I had purchased from Lowes a couple of years ago.  I also found half of a bottle of Modge Podge that's been around since who knows when.  So I grabbed my Rubbermaid container full of scrapbook paper (because a girl can never have too much scrapbook paper) and decided to whip up some diy tile coasters. 

Remember when tile coasters were all the craft rage?
Well I'm bringing them back :)

I wish I could show you some fancy tutorial on how I made these pretty little coasters, but I
was deep into my latest Hulu addiction, The Good Wife, so I was watching an episode or two while crafting instead of taking step by step photos. 
My bad. 
(Does anyone even say that any more? )

Luckily there are a ton of craft bloggers out there that do offer step-by-step tutorials like this one.
I think they turned out pretty darn cute and I will definitely use them!

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