Monday, March 13, 2017

Why I Use a Food Scale

I'm not technically on a "diet", but I have been paying close attention to what I eat
and how much I eat since the beginning of the year.  I gained a few extra pounds over
the past 24 months, and while I'm not over weight, I have not felt comfortable with the
way my clothes have been fitting. This past January I was finally in the right mind set
to get serious and lose the extra weight.

I am all about moderation, so I have not been depriving myself of anything, I'm a
food blogger for goodness sake, but I have been focused on eating less processed food
and making healthy, clean choices when it comes to food.

If you're on a diet, counting calories, points or whatever, a great way to keep yourself
honest is to use a food scale.  A food scale teaches you portion control.  Most people,
myself included, eat portions much larger than the recommended amounts.  I have
been using the KitchenIQ wireless nutriscale for a few weeks and I can't say enough
good things about it!

The nutriscale is easy to use, easy to read and it's light weight, so it's not a pain get out of
the cabinet.  Use it as a kitchen scale to weigh solid and liquid ingredients for baking or
every day meal prep, or use it with the KitchenIQ food app to count calories, carbs and
other nutritional info.

I've been using the nutriscale for portion control, to make sure I'm not eating more than
an actual serving size. Weighing your food lets you know exactly how much you're eating
and how many calories you're taking in.

I am a snacker and snacks can make or break your diet. 100 calorie packs are convenient,
but they can be expensive and and contain a lot of additives, so I prefer to make my own
snack packs using natural, whole foods.

Almonds are one of my favorite snacks. I love the crunchiness and the 6 grams of protein
per serving helps to keep me full until lunch.  The package I buy from Costco states that
one serving is 1/4 cup or 28 grams.  My 1/4 measuring cup holds 32 almonds, which
when weighed on the KitchenIQ nutriscale, is actually 36 grams, not 28.  This may not seem
like that big of a deal, but when you're counting calories, all of those extras do add up.

A food scale will show you that the portion size you thought was 28 grams, was actually 36.
After measuring my snacks I put them into small airtight containers or a ziplock bags and
keep them in my purse or tote bag.  When hunger strikes I'm ready!

Using a food scale will help you learn what common serving sizes look like, so that you
can make smarter choices to keep you on track with your healthy eating plan.

So far I have lost approximately 10 pounds.  Our resent family trip to Disney World got
me off track a little, but now I'm ready to re-focus and lose a few more pounds before
summer. Wish me luck!

You can find some of my favorite healthy snack recipes here, here and here.

Disclosure - I was sent the KitchenIQ wireless nutriscale to try.  I was not compensated for 
this post, nor was I obligated to write about it.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I was wondering if you have calorie info for you energy balls and oatmeal/choc. chip cookies? I'd love to try them but I too am closely watching intake right now. The scale looks very cool.

  2. I was so inspired by your post about the food scale I ordered one. BUT I cannot locate the button to change it to lbs and oz. can you help? Many thanks. LOVE your blog, Sherri


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